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“The staff were very helpful and accommodating throughout the process,and we are delighted with the number and quality of antibodies produced."

Mel Feany
Principle Investigator, Harvard Medical School






"We have been very pleased with the service we have received from the DFCI-Monoclonal Antibody Core for our research antibody needs. At every stage of the project from immunizations and cloning to antibody scale up, the staff was very responsive and ready to answer any questions and provide suggestions for achieving the desired results more efficiently. Being able to work with the DFCI-Monoclonal Antibody Core to get top quality materials in a speedy timeframe allowed us to jump start our research program. It has been a pleasure to work with the DFCI-Monoclonal Antibody Core." 

Martin P. McGrath, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Strategic Alliances
Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases
Harvard School of Public Health



"We have worked with DFCI hybridoma core facility for over 4 years. After a very frustrating experience with a local vendor and based on a feed back from a colleague, I decided to work with Drs. Ed Greenfield and Mohan Brahmandam. In our first meeting, we were able to sort out the underlying problems with our first effort. Three critical components, production, purification and characterization of the antibody were performed at the hybridoma core. We worked very closely with core facility team and that resulted in production of a well-characterized phosphospecific monoclonal antibody. This antibody has been patented and is being used for developing an IHC based predictive biomarker for topoisomerase I inhibitors. The core facility has an excellent team of scientists, who understand intricacies of antibody production and are great to work with."

Ajit Bharti, CSO
Predictus Biosciences Inc., Boston






"I have worked with other core facilities over my many years in research, but I have never had the pleasure of a facility that was as available to answer questions and respond to our needs as the one with this group at Dana Farber. We have all been enormously impressed their professionalism, competence, and courtesy. The fact that we have had a successful outcome, of course, is not a negligible component of the very positive experience we have had."

Victor Gurewich, MD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School




"I have been collaborating with the DFCI Monoclonal Antibody Core  (MAC) for the last 4 years. I am indeed thankful to MAC for helping us to achieve our goal in obtaining several antibodies to our target antigen. Several groups have been trying to obtain monoclonal antibodies to this target molecule over the last decade and are not successful. The strategy, hard work and perseverance of the staff of the MAC yielded several good quality antibodies for us. Binding of one of the antibodies to the cell surface antigen has been analyzed by flow cytometry and the result is shown below.  In addition to generating MAbs, the MAC offers several related services like antibody sequencing, labeling and determination of affinity by SPR to make it a one-stop shopping place for any antibody related services. The staff members are very cooperative and the pricing is competitive.  I would be very happy to recommend this facility to any body seeking for an antibody related service."

Govind Panchamoorthy
Principal Scientist & Group Leader
Genus Oncology, LLC.

"We were very impressed with the services provided by the DF/HCC Monoclonal Antibody Core. The research team did an excellent job customizing our project and preparing a detailed plan that covered many possible optional services. We were able to meet with the research team to discuss each stage, analyze results together, and decide the best steps forward. Our project included multiple rounds of subcloning, antibody purification, affinity measurements, and even antibody sequencing; at each step we felt very confident that the Core was doing their best for our success. The final products were of excellent quality and key for our intellectual property claims. We will use the services of this Core again without hesitation! “

Mariano S. Viapiano, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurosurgery
Brigham and Women's Hospital


“I have worked with the MAC for the last five years. The MAC successfully generated a monoclonal antibody for us that we are currently using for our experiments. From the initiation of the project to thedelivery of the antibody and thereafter, I was impressed at how the core, especially Ed Greenfield and Craig Bencsics helped us with optimizing the antibody, troubleshoot problems as well offering concrete suggestions and alternative options to minimize cost. “

Rani E. George M.D., Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics/Harvard Medical School Attending Physician/Department of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute & Boston Childrens Hospital