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Production / Purification

Our core facility performs antibody production in various types of culture systems including T-flasks, Roller bottles, Shake flasks, Integra system and Fiber cell system. We offer antibody production services for both suspension cultures such as hybridomas and 293 cells as well as for adherent cultures including HEK293 and CHO cells. Our production services vary from small scale cultures (minimum 100 ml) that yield 2 – 5 mg of antibody to large scale cultures that yield up to few grams of antibody. Depending on the culture requirement we perform production in different types of culture media such as DMEM with ultra low IgG FBS, Serum free medium and protein-free, chemically defined medium.
We are capable of purifying few mg to few grams of antibody using our high-throughput automated AKTAxpress FPLC system. Our antibody purification methods include affinity chromatography using Protein A and Protein G columns and Size Exclusion Chromatography using Gel filtration columns. Affinity purificationusing the target antigen is also available upon request.  We are experienced in purifying some difficult antibodies such as IgM with our in-house developed protocol. Our isolated low EU FPLC system enables us to purify antibodies with extremely low endotoxin levels (<0.5 EU/ml, often <0.1 EU/ml) which facilitates using these antibodies for in vivo and pre-clinical studies.