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Immunogen Design and Forms

Our core has a wealth of experience in designing peptides for immunizations using a variety of techniques such as hydrophobicity, structure analysis and MHC binding. We have also used a variety of immunogen forms for immunizations in addition to peptides such as recombinant proteins, transfected cells, cDNAs or cell lysates.
For cDNA immunizations, we usually use the vector pcDNA 3.1 that contains the constitutive promoter from Cytomegalovirus to drive expression of the gene of interest. We offer plasmid generation using this vector as a service. We can also add a variety of tags to the expressed protein such as His, myc, HA, Flag and GST. It generally takes 3-4 weeks to produce a plasmid.

The MAC can make antibodies using a variety of different immunogens provided by investigators or made at the MAC.  These include: