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Every project starts with a consultation to determine the specific needs of each project, identify the required reagents, and develop a customized project plan.  For the consultation appointment, please have the sequence of your protein available, the species from which is it derived, and a good idea of how you will use the antibodies in your experiments (i.e., Western blot analysis, IHC, IF, flow cytometry, ELISA detection, etc.).

The Core has extensive experience with a vast array of antigens.  The host selected for your immunization is dependent on the type of protein (intracellular vs. extracellular), the species from which the protein is derived and the intended use of the antibody.  Mice, rats, hamsters, and rabbits are available.

After the initial consultation, a project plan is devised with a matching quotation.  These are customized to account for each projects individual needs, utilizing the most optimal approach for success.  This allows our project plans to be very flexible.  For example, researchers who have designed their own specific assays can screen for those antibodies themselves; MAC will assist in coordinating the timing of the screening to prevent over­growth of the cells.

Potential clients then receive an account Initiation Form that includes cost estimates, contact information for designated lab personnel, and billing require­ments (cost center/PO number).


Quality control

The Core’s quality control measures maximize the success rate of antibody generation and production. 


Customer service

The Core delivers a high level of customer service, advising and problem solving from start to finish.  In addition to generating MAbs, assistance may include:


Cost effectiveness

Every antibody development project has its risks.  The Core cannot guarantee every immunogen will give a good response in an animal or that every fusion will result in hybridomas.  The Core can promise we will apply our years of expertise and experience to bear on the project, working hard to make it a success.  Our multi-step process, breaking each project into phases with stopping points if there are issues.  Clients are only invoiced for services that have been done.