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Monoclonal Antibody Core

The Monoclonal Antibody Core produces novel monoclonal antibodies for use in basic research, drug discovery, and clinical applications.

Services include cloning and scale-up of immunization antigens to purification of the resulting antibodies. Researchers can choose to have all phases of antibody production conducted by the core or perform particular steps in their own lab.


Latest News from the Core

The Absolute Best Latest news from the Core is our WebSite seems to be up and Working !


To meet client needs, the MAC now offers CDR sequencing and antibody affinity determination services. Antibody affinity is not only important to rank the antibodies but also plays a key role in PK/PD studies of therapeutic antibodies. We use Biacore 3000 for antibody kinetics with very fast turn-around time. Our core is also capable of sequencing the variable regions of antibodies, a key factor in the patent process.


The classic Antibodies by Harlow and Lane has been the "go-to" manual for immunology, cell culture, molecular biology and antibodies. This ground-breaking book has now been updated under the editorship of Edward A. Greenfield, PhD.       
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